YTU Davutpasa Congress and Culture Center, Istanbul 09 - 11 April 2020

Symposium Topics

The main theme of the symposium is "Interactions of Urbanization, Migration and Environment", and the symposium topics are listed below. The symposium title and other topics related to the main theme will also be discussed in the symposium. 

Environment in the Religious
Environmental Impact on Halal and Healthy Life
Environmental Morality
Moral teachings and the environment
Thrift and Sustainable Environment Relationship
Environmental awareness of societies
Environment in Literary Texts
Environmental History
Environmental Law
Environmentally Responsible Education
Environmental Philosophy and Sociology
Urbanization and Environment
Migration and Environment
War and Environment
Effect of Modernism on the Environment
Natural disasters and environmental effects
Clean technologies
Renewable Energy Resources
Environment Friendly Energy Production and Management
Green Economy
Environmental Quality Management Systems
Sustainable Development
Climate change
Human Health and Environment
Waste Management
Water, Air, Soil Pollution and Control
Watershed Management

During the symposium, two panels will be held on the following topics:
Panel 1: Interactions of Urbanization, Migration and Environment
This panel will answer the following questions:
The status of urbanization in the past, present and future? What should be human-centered urbanization? How should metropolitan cities become human-centered? How to reduce population growth in metropolitan cities and prevent migration? What is the impact of transport on urbanization? How does the development of agriculture, animal husbandry and industrialization affect urbanization and migration? Negative effects of war on migration? Are collective settlements suitable for migration?

Panel 2: Morality and Environment
This panel will answer the following questions:
What should be the perception of morality in society and how should it be spread? How should society view the environmental ethics? The importance of moral education in the education system? What should environmental education be? What is the importance of moral education in the prevention of environmental pollution?